Exclusivo reloj de pulsera de madera preciosa. Relojes hechos a mano. Ecorelojes para mujeres. Relojes Tuego han sido creados y montados a mano.
Unique wood watch for women.
Authentic hand-crafted wooden wristwatch.
Watches Tuego have been created and assembled by hand.
Wood is a natural material that is characterized by its biodegrability, it is respectful with the environment due to its ecological and renewable function.
Likewise, wood is characterized by its hypoallergenic and healing properties, as it has the ability to transmit and absorb energies of spirituality among living beings, which contribute to the healing processes of many diseases.
It has been scientifically proven by experts in this area, that trees have a biological field that exerts forces on the biological field of human beings providing a healing effect on them.
TUEGO watches combine several factors that contribute to its exceptionality. The energetic power of their natural material, as well as their unique and unrepeatable design make them exquisite pieces that will distinguished by their individuality.
All our watches have been created and assembled by hand by our team of artists and all designs are absolutely original and unique. We accept orders for watches with a similar base design but the result will always be unique since no template is used in the process of making our watches.
Buy one of our watches and give your personal touch of exclusivity that characterizes those who have their own personality, and feel the beneficial properties that will transmit the contact of the wood on your skin.

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